Current Student Council (Cabinet and General Council)

SEPTEMBER 2017 - JUNE 2018 

Prime Minister: Dhara Patel (Grade 12)

Deputy Prime Minister: Sloane Boorman (Grade 9)

Treasurer: Makayla Dee (Grade 11) and Brian Secord (Grade 12)

Secretary/Publicist: Alicia Speck (Grade 10)

Social Convenor: Leigh Hayward (Grade 11), Jacqueline Burton (Grade 11), and Briana Chen (Grade 10)

Grade 12 Reps: Tiernan Warnaar

Grade 11 Rep: Briana Chen

Grade 10 Rep: Beth Weese

Grade 9 Rep: Charles Ingram 

The Acton High School Student Council Constitution


Upcoming Student Council Events:

SOCKTOBER is Student Council's way to give back to our communitythis fall. We are collecting socks to donate to local homeless shelters because they are one of the least donated items. Please bring in new socks of any kind. They can be for adults or children or babies. First period classes will be collecting socks throughout October and the class to raise the most will be awarded a breakfast. Our goal is to raise 500! Good luck.

SPIRIT DAYS in October will be every Friday and associated with socks to encourage participation in Socktober. For example, next Friday will be socks and sandals. Stay tuned for more information!

Last Updated: October 9, 2017