Student Council (Cabinet and General Council)

SEPTEMBER 2017 - JUNE 2018 

Prime Minister: Dhara Patel (Grade 12)

Deputy Prime Minister: Sloane Boorman (Grade 9)

Treasurer: Makayla Dee (Grade 11) and Brian Secord (Grade 12)

Secretary/Publicist: Jacqueline Burton (Grade 11)

Social Convenor: Briana Chen (Grade 10)

Grade 12 Reps: Tiernan Warnaar

Grade 11 Rep: Briana Chen

Grade 9 Rep: Charles Ingram 

The Acton High School Student Council Constitution

Upcoming Student Council Events:

Valentine's Day: Candy Grams

January Events:

Exam Care Package | With the craziness of Final Performance Tasks and exams, Student Council created a small care package with pens, highlighters and candy to prepare and support their peers during the time of year. 

December Events:




Semi-Formal | All grades showed up to dance at the Winter Wonderland Semi-Formal. With blue and silver snowflakes, Christmas music and Christmas trees, students enjoyed their last evening with their friends before the break. 

Bake Sale | In order to raise money for Semi-Formal and enhance school spirit, Student Council held a Bake Sale. With brownies, shortbread, gingerbread, rice crispies and cupcakes, the members filled their peers with Christmas Spirit. 

November Events:

Halton Finals | Once Student Council discovered the Senior Boys Volleyball team were playing at the Halton Finals, the members were eager to arrange a bus to Sheridan in order to support their team.  With a full bus, students went to cheer on their peers. Much to their delight, the boys won to continue on in the Golden Horseshoe Athletic Conference!

October Events:

SOCKTOBER | Did you know that socks are one of the least donated items to shelters? That is why over the course of October, Acton High’s Student Council ran a ‘Socktober’! This was to raise socks and other garments to donate to an organization called ‘Straight to the Streets’, which takes their donations straight to the homeless and people in need. With overwhelming success, 514 pairs of socks, as well as 157 items of gently used clothing were raised! Thank you everyone for donating and participating in our fun, sock-themed spirit days!

Halloween | Student Council thought a costume contest would be a fun way to celebrate Halloween and build community. During P1, students came to cheer on their peers and teachers for the best group costume, best teacher costume, best duo costume, in honour of 2017 and most creative/DIY. 

Last Updated: February 13, 2018