Welcome to the ICT SHSM. 

Acton High school has been running the ICT SHSM since 2008.

Acton's ICT SHSM focuses on Communications Technology as it relates to the Entertainment Industry.

The areas of focus include:


Audio Production

Graphic Design


Video Game Design


Video Production

Students completing the ICT SHSM will take four Communications Technology courses  in grade 11 and 12.  These courses are TGJ3M1 and one grade 11 focus course and TGJ4M1 and one grade 12 focus course.  

Focus courses offered include:

Video Production

Radio or Audio Production

Interactive Media



Students in the ICT SHSM are also required to complete a double COOP, and Contextualized Learning Activies in supporting credits.  These students will also earn certifications in WHMIS, First Aid, CPR, as well as certifications in a variety of industry specific areas.

Guest speakers and industry related fieldtrips make the ICT SHSM ideal for students considering a job in the Entertainment Industry.

If you have a student that is interested in these areas and would like more information concerning Acton High Schools ICT SHSM program please feel free to contact

the ICT SHSM program lead

Wade Stark  



Acton High School's  Head of Student Services

Marsha Schnekenburger



Last Updated: June 16, 2017