Acton High School


Students in high school have different strengths, interests, and goals. Students select courses that suit their interests and that take them towards goals through an increasingly specialized four-year program. 

On this page you will find resources for Grade 8 - 12 students:

  • Acton Guide to Secondary School to help you and your family learn about all our high school opportunities
  • Course Selection Presentations to help make informed choices
  • Course Selection Sheets to map out your plan 
  • myBlueprint to provide an online account to prepare Individual Pathway Plan (IPP): setting goals, recording activities and planning the future 


Acton Guide to Secondary Schools

2019-2020 Course Calendar Description

Grade 10 -11 -12 Course Selection Sheet




Grade 8 to 9 Transition Program:

The transition from Grade Eight to High School is a significant time in the life of your child. The partnership between families and the school is important in order for us to be able to customize students’ high school experience and build on their individual pathway plan. We work as a team to make the Acton High School experience tailored to individual student needs, interests, and strengths. You and your child will now be part of the Acton High School family and we would like to encourage your involvement in all that the school has to offer.  Below are a list of resources to support this transition: 

Helpful websites 

Halton Region - Ready Set, Whoa - how to support your teen transition to high school.


Program Planning:

First time users select Acton High School as their school, then students use their OEN and birthdates to enter their personal planner.  Use your school computer login and your four digit computer login password. Example: 1LASTNAMEFIR and 4 digit password


Last Updated: December 17, 2018