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Senior Boys Volleyball - Halton Champions 2019

I've Got This Feeling - Teacher End-of-Year Video 2018-2019

?? - Teacher End-of-Year Video 2017-2018

What Time Is It?  - Teacher End-of-Year Video 2015-2016

Uptown Funk - Teacher End-of-Year Video 2014-2015

Ultimate at Acton - May 2015

And a highlight play...

Give Respect / Get Respect

What is Canadian?

London Trip (Me2We) - March 2014

First Nations Medicine Walk

Community in the Classroom - Grade 9 Geography in Act(i)on

Ms. Pattison's Grade 9 Geography class took a unique spin on education by focusing on building community in the classroom in order to look at building community in their town of Acton.

The class became about discussions and debates, real-scenario problem solving, hands-on activities, group collaboration, critical thinking, adult-student partnership, and community guests becoming part of the classroom. A 7-week Speakers Series included guests from the Town of Halton Hills (including Recreation, Planning, and Sustainability), Halton Region Public Health, Share the Road (Cycling), Halton Region Economic Development, and local political leaders. Guests contributed to the classroom community and helped to shape discussions and projects about designing our communities so that everyone can be their best selves.

This video is the students' experience in their community.

Acton Grade 9 Parent/Guardian Information Night 2014


YOLO - Teacher's Version 2014:

Prom 2014:

Costa Rica Trip 2014: BC Awards Edition: 

Acton Alpine Ski and Snowboard Racing Team:

South Africa Trip 2013 (Montage -Music Video):

South Africa Trip 2013 (Montage -Music Video):

How Animals Eat Their Food - Teacher Edition (2013)


Harlem Shake!

Projectile Motion - Launcher Task:

Learning about Crumple Zones in Physics Class:


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