Prime Minister: Makayla Dee (Gr. 12)

Deputy Prime Minister: Konrad Herbus (Gr. 12)

Treasurer: Jacqueline Burton (Gr. 12)

Secretary/Publicist: Emma LeRouzes (Gr. 10)

Social Convenor: Paige Sharpe and Briana Chen (Gr. 11)

Well-Being Representative: Max Rieger (Gr. 12) 

Grade 12 Rep: Makayla Dee

Grade 11 Rep: Briana Chen

Grade 10 Rep: Sloane Boorman

Grade 9 Rep:  Rachael Fenton

The Acton High School Student Council Constitution

Coming up:

  • Exam care packages in January

DECEMBER SPIRIT DAYS | For the entire month of December, Student Council decided to countdown to Christmas with Spirit Days every Friday!  

  • December 21: Ugly Sweater Day


  • December 14: Swinter (Summer in Winter)

  • December 7: Jersey Day

  • November 30: Pajama Day

SEMI-FORMAL | Student Council members came together and organized a Semi-Formal Dance for their peers on November 22. The group explored different themes and offered choice to their peers through a Google Form. After tallying the votes, the decision was made that Hollywood was this year's theme. Makayla Dee, Student Council Prime Minister, and Konrad Herbus, Deputy Prime Minister, delegated tasks to the members, such as collecting lights, making posters, and creating a ticket booth. The outcome was fantastic. "I've never been more proud of a group of students before," says Student Council Teacher Advisor, Michelle Wildfong. "Students worked together to create an event where their peers could have fun, but also promote community. If a problem arose, they solved it quickly. They really worked as a team to pull off this event." 

HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST | On October 31st during P1, staff and students gathered together to participate in a school wide Halloween Costume Contest. The categories were best group costume, cute animal costume, in honour of 2018, most creative and best teacher costume. Leading up to the day, Student Council had candy jars filled to the brim. Students were able to vote how many candies were in each jar. Congratulations to Leigh Hayward, Konrad Herbus and Michael Holmes. Thank you to all who dressed up and cheered on their peers. It made for a fun morning!


Last Updated: December 21, 2018